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The competition is open for all festival participants. To be considered a festival participant you must register for minimum one festival workshop.
The competition is open for solo dancers of all genders. Dancers over 16 years will be ranked. Juniors (under 16 years) will receive a participation prize and judges comments without ranking.
If the dancer is under the age of 18, the organizers must be informed in advance, and the dancer must be accompanied to the show by a legal guardian. The guardian must sign a consent form at the venue. It is the contestants duty to inform the organizer of his/her age in advance. Failing to do so may result in disqualification without a refund.

All contestants in the professional categories must present their own choreography. Guidance by instructors/coaching is permitted. Contestants in the Rising Star categories may present a choreography made by another choreographer.
Presenting your own choreography may benefit your score, if the musicality score is high, but it may also be a disadvantage depending on the presentation/understanding of the music.
Improvisation is permitted.

Length of material: For solo oriental, professional categori, the contestant can present a performance of maximum 4 minutes, including intro.
For all other categories the maximum length of the music is 3,5 minutes.

Dress code: All contestants must dress appropriatly in a proper and decent costume. Buttocks and nipples must be covered, and underwear must not be visible during the performance.

Judgding criteria: Judging criteria for the solo categories are technique, performance skills, flow, musicality, posture, level of difficulty and general impression.

Points: Scores are given on a scale from 1-10, where 10 is the highest possible score in each criteria.
All participants get with the judges' sheets with comments after the contest.

Penalties Deductions: There will be 5 points deducted if
- The music exceeds the given maximum length. The organizer will then cut the music.
- An oriental element contains character style elements that exceed 20% of the music, ie 48 seconds for professionals and 42 seconds for the amateurs.
- Dancer poses in an innappropriate costume
- The dancer arrives late for his/her performance (after second call)
No penalties are given if the music is shorter than the maximum length.

Safety: It is not allowed to use fire/flames/lit candles, liquids that can make the floor wet, or otherwise make the floor unsafe. If using a Shamedan the candles cannot be lit, or electrical candles can be used. It is not permitted to use live animals.

Photography and social media: All dancers will be photographed and filmed. By participating you agree to being photographed by the festival. Photos will be used to promote the event on social media and on various media. Children under 18 years will not be used in promotions without a parents/guardians written consent. Contestants may not film other participants.

Registration: Registration is done online. The registrationform can be found under 'Registration' in the main menu on the left.
The music must be sent by mail to, or by mail toHelene Skaugen, Hvalsenga 16A, 1900 Fetsund, Norway, as early as possible and no later than 20. May 2022. Please attach a photo of yourself.
The music can be given in these formats: wav, mp3. Spotify links are not accepted.
We create playlists for the shows and cd is not a possible emergency solution that night. In the event of a large demand, the maximum number of participants will be limited. Registration does not guarantee a place in the competition until written confirmation has been received by email.

Cancellations: The participation fee is nonrefundable. A withdrawal from the competition at any time after registration is confirmed still requires full payment of the registration fee. We recommend a travel insurance for covering possible cancellation fees. Check with your company for terms.

ORIENTAL: Based on the classic Raqs Sharqi style and can have elements of oriental folk dances. When using such elements in the music, it must not dominate the performance and can be consist of maximum 20% of the music. Pure fusion and fantasy genres, such as pure tango-oriental, flamenco-oriental, gothic etc, is also limited to a maximum of 20% of the total length of the music and should otherwise be part of the fusion category.
If a dancer uses a madjensi with many folkloreic rhythms the 20% rule does not apply, as long ats the music and dance is used in the oriental way, as the natural part of a madjensi.
Props that are a natural part of the genre, fingercymbals and veils are allowed. Isiswings are permitted if it is not the main focus of the choreography, but used for a dramatic entry or exit.
Music: classical instrumental pieces with possible vocal accompaniment. Modern and Arabic pop, and pop version of classic pieces can be used if the choreography and stage expression falls within the above given guidelines.

FOLKLORE/Character style category: Based on oriental folk dances and styles that have evolved from these.
The dance should reflect the roots of the genre, traditions, music and costume.
Dances within this category are: Saidi, Khaleegy, Ghawazee, Shamedan, Roman Havasi, Hagalla, Fellahi, Nubian, Eskanderani, Shaaby, Tribal etc. Dances from Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Saudi and other dances with Arabic cultual components, such as dances from North Africa, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.
Props that are a natural part of the genre, like assaya, Melaya, vases, spoons ect, are allowed.

TIME RESTRICTIONS: Oriental, professional category: max 4:00 minutes, including intro. All other categories: max 3:30 minutes.

RISING STAR: Amateur dancers and advanced students who dances purely as a hobby and does not as a job.
An amateur dancer is one who is not financially remunerated for the time they spend dancing or training.
Junior = dancers under 16 years. Juniors register in the Rising Star category but are not placed with the adult participants.
All juniors will receive a participation price and judges comments without ranking.

PROFESSIONAL LEVEL: Semi professional and professional performing dancers and teachers.
Semi-professional = a semi-professional dancer is one for whom dance is not a full-time occupation, but who engages in dance for pay or gain through performances and/or teaching.
Professional = a dancer who's main paid occupation is dance. This includes professional performers and teachers.
The categories are NOT defined by level.

Exception to the 'professional' definition: - If you have filled in for someone on the odd occasion as a substitute, but do not advertise yourself commercially you are still eligible to register as a Rising Star.
- If you perform for family and/or friends only you are still eligible to register as a Rising Star.
- If you lead the class without payment (travel expenses does not count as payment), f.ex for your school, dance association or a similar training group you are still eligible to register as a Rising Star.

Participation fee: NOK 250/category.
Registration fee must be paid in full if you withdraw from the contest. All registrations are binding. If the participant is under the age of 18 the legal guardian is responsable for the fulfilment of payment when signing the participants consent.
Payment is due by the date stated on your invoice.
IBAN: NO42 7058 0599 522
Bank: DnB
Studio Orient v/Helene Skaugen
Oslo Oriental Dance Festival
Hvalsenga 16A
1900 Festund

Liability: No claims except for immediate repayment of the pre-payments can be made against the organizer in the case of a cancellation of the festival from organizer’s side. If a teacher is unable to come or has further restrictions, the organizer is free in her choice of replacement. The organizer can also make necessary short-term changes in the festival program, such as changes in the workshop schedule and show itinerary etc. In both cases the customer does not have further claims.

Responsibility: Each participant carries the full responsibility for his/her own actions, both during the classes and in the spare time. Any health problems that should be taken into consideration during the workshops have to be disclosed to the teachers of each workshop. OODF is not responsible for any health problems or damages that may arise during the festival. Each participant is also responsible for damage to other participants and their property, and damage to our contracting parties in and outside of the group caused by him/herself (for example Studio Orient, hotel and show venue). Participants are responsible for their own belongings. OODF is not liable for any theft. All local travel companies are completely responsible for the excursions they sell, and the guest buys the excursion under the conditions it is offered and sold by the local company.

Passport -, visas -, customs regulations: The participants are responsible for the observance of custom regulations and visa duties. Disadvantages, which arise from their disregard, are debited to the participant.

The contestant must read the rules of the competition carefully.