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You can now register for OODF 2023!
Showtickets for family and friends can be purchased during your registration.
Name and contactinformation to all ticketholders must be provided.

1. Registration: All registrations are binding. See our cancellation policy below.
You will recieve a letter of confirmation by e-mail shortly after submitting your registration form and/or a receipt for pre-payment. This is done manually and might take 1-3 working days.

2. Payment: Payment has to made in full upon registration (an exact date will be stated in your confirmation letter).
Payment information:
Account number: 7058 0599 522
IBAN-account: NO42 7058 0599 522
Bank: DNB
Studio Orient v/Helene Skaugen
Oslo Oriental Dance Festival
Hvalsenga 16A
1900 Festund

3. Cancellations: All registrations are binding.
You can cancel free of charge within 48 hours after registering, if you register prior to 10.05.2023. Cancellations made after 10.05.2022 must be done within 24 hours after the registration was submitted.
A written cancellation must be sent by email within the given deadline in order to be valid. Timestamp on the email is considered time of cancellation.
When cancelling later than the above mentioned timeframe, the entire fee is due.
If a participant cannot participate, he/she/they can sell his/her/their workshops and show tickets privately.
The festival pass can only be sold as one entity.
In case of unforeseen illness or injury, a written confirmation from a medical doctor is mandatory. The participant must inform the organizer with documentation prior to the festival. Cancellations after the festival are not accepted.
We recommend a travel insurance for covering possible cancellation fees. Check with your company for terms.

4. Liability: No claims, except for immediate repayment of fees within the given cancellation deadline, can be made against the organizer in the case of a cancellation of the festival from the organizer's side. If a teacher is unable to come or has further restrictions, the organizer is free in her choice of replacement. The organizer can also make necessary short-term changes in the festival program, such as changes in the workshop schedule and show itinerary etc. In these cases, the customer does not have further claims.

5. Responsibility: Each participant carries the full responsibility for his/her/their own actions, both during the classes and in the spare time. Any health problems that should be taken into consideration during the workshops have to be disclosed to the teacher of each workshop. OODF is not responsible for any health problems or damages that may arise during the festival. Each participant is also responsible for damage to other participants and their property, and damage to our contracting parties in and outside of the festival venues (for example Studio Orient, hotel and show venue) caused by the participant. Participants are responsible for their own belongings. OODF is not liable for any theft.
All local travel companies are completely responsible for the excursions they sell, and the guest buys the excursion under the conditions it is offered and sold by the local company.
Participants are responsible for following local travel regulations, including covid regulations necessary for entering Norway. If a participant cannot join the festival due to covid related restrictions, no claims can be made against the festival.

6. Passport -, visas -, customs regulations: The participants are responsible for the observance of custom regulations and visa duties. We advise you to carrie your passport with you during all travel, and make sure your passport is valid minimum 6 months after your last traveldate. Check with your embassy for regulations to travel to Norway. Disadvantages, which arise from their disregard, are debited to the participant.

7. Our festival photographer and videographer will videofilm and take photos during the event. The organizer reserves the right to use material for advertisement purposes only.billetter refunderes ikke dersom en full lockdown forhindreretonline tilbud.